FIFA-Gambia relations

Friday, January 11, 2019

For so long the relationship between GFF and the World Football governing body has been smooth.

Gambia Football Federation, the governing body of football in Gambia was founded in 1952, and affiliated to FIFA in 1968.

FIFA usually gives member associations under its Forward 2.0 Programme an amount of money within a four-year cycle to build on three principles: to provide 360 degree, tailor-made support for football development in each of its member associations and the six confederations.

The aim is to improve the way it develops and supports football across the globe, so that the sport can reach its potential in every nation; and that everyone can take part without barriers.

During FIFA president’s recent meeting with President Barrow in Banjul, Infantino announced that FIFA would invest US$6 Million in Gambian football for a cycle of four years as part of Mr. Infantino’s flagship Forward 2.0 Programme.

The money is meant for technical, administrative and project support amongst others.

The Contract of Agreed Objectives signed between the GFF and FIFA remains the focal point in the efficient implementation of the programme.

The Forward Programme is aimed at improving the way FIFA develops and supports football across the globe, so that the sport can reach its potential in every nation, so that everyone that wants to take part can do so without barriers. The programme provides the resources and structures to deliver state-of-the-art development programme in ensuring more investment in development for Member Associations’ football activities; more impact via tailor-made plans to meet specific targets and more oversight so that all funds are used responsibly.

President Adama Barrow told Gianni Infantino during their meeting at State House that The Gambia needs FIFA’s support to balance its football development agenda.

The president admitted that it is unfortunate that The Gambia; being a small country with small economy cannot develop its own football. But he was quick to say that the size of the country doesn’t matter, and what matters is what it can do.

President Barrow being a football fan said that at first, people loved football and that was why they played it. But now, he said, football is all about money and winning.

“Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.”
Robert Griffin III