Featuring one of Gambia’s finest young stars Nyancho

Friday, May 18, 2018

Dodou Manneh, widely known by his music sobriquet as Nyancho aka Apachaky is a young Gambian songster credited for his eloquent Mandinka lyrics.

The Bakalary Madina native is a crowd puller by all indications. His lyrical prowess has won him a huge fan base across the country. His spirited and high octane onstage performances have made him a fan-favourite at concerts.

Starting out as a dancer, he got into music proper in 2009 and within a short period of time he made name for himself. His rapid rise to stardom came with the release of his signature song Apachaky, in which he attempts to tell people who he is and what he came for.

He later came with another single tilted Mbang wulen ke, in which he asserts his independence and alpha male status saying nobody can force him to do what he does not want to do. Sooner than anticipated he dropped his third single dubbed Ding dingo Nyongo, replete with dope lines.

The Afro Manding is the one to watch out for in 2018.