FEATURE: The broken trust

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Trust is always fundamental in any new relationship and strengthening it for peaceful co-existence is always important. President Adama Barrow since assuming into Office as the country’s third president has been advocating for trust as manifested in all meetings and address to the nation.

“I will never forget all those who fought for the change, most especially my political “GOD FATHER”. Gambians have trust in me and I will not break that trust.”

The political god father has always trusted the president and used to defend and see him as his son in politics. Many are now crying out that trust.

The man he regarded as his political ‘God-father’ has been so fundamental in the looks of the 3rd Republic, as he used to brag that the president is from his party.

The president always heaped praises on Gambians for taking a bold step in putting an end to tyranny and dictatorship, in which we ushered in a new democratic dispensation.

For too long, Gambians have been strangled, suppressed and their rights to freely express themselves restricted. Even their potentials to grow and their spirit of confidence to compete at the global stage with trust is not always there.

Nevertheless, in his 2018 New Year speech, President Barrow, reiterated that freedom from the york of 22 years of tyranny and dictatorship is not just an incredible feat, but a clear manifestation that with the collective efforts and sacrifice of Gambians both home and abroad, there is no challenge that is impossible to handle.

The recent cabinet reshuffled by President Barrow has been greeted with some condemnation in some corners, most especially from the party he was before coming as flag bearer of the coalition that swept the 2016 presidential pools.

Barrow was in the executive of the United Democratic Party (UDP) as resource person. He was selected by his party to lead the then coalition, which he was lucky to be chosen on behalf of all parties within the coalition. At the beginning of his presidency in 2016, he never end a speech without thanking his political ‘God-father’ in the person of Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, who is the leader of the UDP.

In his early days in office, the president used to say that bad laws that restricted Gambians from executing their rights should be looked into alongside term limit and others. However, Gambians are yet to see those changes for two years now. He has a group of young people who named themselves as “Barrow Youths for National Development”, a move many disagreed with and believed it was set up to promote his own political motive.

Almost four months back, there was political misunderstanding between President Barrow and his political ‘God father’ who urged his party supporters to distance themselves from any youth movement. The veteran lawyer said he doesn’t recognize any youth movement other than the youth wing of the United Democratic Party.

It could be recalled that President Barrow resigned from the UDP under an agreement to pave a way for him to lead a coalition of seven opposition political parties with an independent presidential candidate, which led to his victory in the 2016 election that ended the 22 years of tyranny and dictatorship of ex-President Yahya Jammeh.

The reactions of some citizens with regards to the shacking of Vice President Darboe, Agric minister Lamin N Dibba and Amadou Sanneh, Minister of Trade, Regional Integration, Industry and Employment, was that Mr. Barrow’s political future has collapsed.

Some have their hopes and trust betray for President Barrow to rule the country and believe the country is following the footstep of former dictator Yahya Jammeh in his ‘hiring and firing’ approach.

As it is now some believe UDP will never trust Barrow again because he sacked all its cabinet members from the government.

Addressing his followers recently, Mr. Darboe, leader of the UDP stated; “the bus conductor has dropped me. I’m now a freeman and I can fly anywhere I wish.”  

Author: Pa Modou Cham