Fatu Camara, Bouba N’doure partner in new PR venture

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Gambian journalist and activist has gone into partnership with manager and brother to Senegalese Ndaga star to open a PR and communications firm in The Gambia called Senegambia Communications and Consultancy Services.

“It is here to cater for the communications and PR needs of both businesses and organisations in The Gambia and Senegal.

It is going to be a one stop shop for people who are interested in promoting their businesses and any PR work that they may be interested in,” Fatu Camara told The Point yesterday.

The just-returned exile journalist said the December presidential elections have created special opportunities for the Senegal-Gambia relations and so the entrepreneurs in both countries need to adjust to play their roles and cater for the needs of the emerging opportunities created by the democratic change brought by the Gambian people.

This is the first time that a PR company has been set up to cater for both Senegal and The Gambia at the same time.

Bouba N’doure on the other hand said he has “a special connection” with The Gambia.

“The work that I am engaged in has even a greater impact in The Gambia than Senegal, I can say... I think that expertise needs to be shared here in The Gambia and knowing Fatu and what she achieves both as a journalist and an activist, joining forces in such a venture will augur well for the media in The Gambia in terms of professionalism and development as there is more work to be done in that regard,” Bouba said.

Mr Ndoure also said this will bring in the missing piece in the Gambian media and the new vision in the Senegambia relationship because that is what Senegambia integration is all about.

“Instead of just government to government, it is also people to people joining forces in their various endeavours. Since people are one, markets should be one too. One market, one Senegambia,” he said.

Author: Sanna Camara
Source: Picture: Journalist Fatu Camara & Bouba N’doure