Farmers raises concern over Hippopotamus in CRR North/South

Thursday, November 02, 2017

The farming communities from Central River Region, South and North have complained about the manner in which the hippos encroach into their rice field.

The said farmers described the destruction as a big threat not only to their crops but the lives of the people..

The farmers launched an appeal to the government through Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Omar Jallow, to do all what he could to help them to ensure that the hippos do not use their rice field as a grazing place for their survival.

Farmers made the appealed during the Agriculture Minister recently ended meet the farmers’ tour at a meeting held in Kaur and Kundang village in Central River Region South and North.

During series of meeting in various village, the issues of hippos was top agenda of their concern and called on the minister to help them to address the issues through the relevant institution responsible for the protection of Wildlife in the country.

Speaking at a meeting held at Kundang village, Lamin Ceesay, a farmer expressed gratitude to the agriculture minister and his entourage for their timely tour to meet the farmers and discuss with them to better know issues affecting them in this year’s rainy season.

Mr Ceesay spoke extensively about the  need to help the farmers  to protect their rice field from destruction by hippos, saying the  frequent interference of hippos  into their  rice field had discourage many farmers from cultivating  rice.

Mr Ceesay also spoke about the danger of the hippos, and described some of them as dangerous hippos as they are not only tampering with their rice but event going further to attack people around the rice field.

For her part, the women representative of Kundang village, Aja Sanno also raised similar issue, noting that Kundang women are known for rice growers but due to these bad hippos they are all frustrated about the rice field.

During also at a meeting held in Kaur, CRR North, Musupha Njie, the Alkalo of the village lamented on the same issue, adding that hippopotamus was a major concerns to his village and the surrounding areas.

In responding to the concern raised by farmers, the Minister of Agriculture, Hon.  Omar Amadou Jallow, assured farmers that this would be history, noting that the live of the people is more important than the lives of the hippos.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh