Faraba Youths must also be law abiding

Thursday, June 21, 2018

In as much as no one has the right to shoot and kill innocent people, then no one, in the same vein has the right to go to people’s home and set their houses ablaze. The recent incident in Faraba has shocked the whole nation. We must always bear in that as Gambians we are all related directly or indirectly. We attend each other’s events good or bad.

As citizens, we must also be law abiding. What has happened has happened, and therefore we must not put the law in our own hands by doing whatever we wish.

Laws are made to guide us through and make our society a better place. If there is no regard for rule of law, then anarchy and disorder would be the order of the day. We must understand that we all are working within the confinements of the law, so anger and emotion should not compel us to engage in activities that will send us to jail.

 The Faraba youths must be mindful of our existing laws and conform themselves within the dictates of those laws. It would be senseless to say that I would do whatever I desire because my fellow villagers have been shot dead; because the emotion of the killing of our innocent protesters is uncontrollable. No, we must bear in minds that laws are there to ensure justice and that if anyone act outside these laws, you will find yourself in trouble with it.

 We must always remember that the state belongs to no individual or group. And The Gambia is known for its peace so let us strive to safeguard that gem.

The unfortunate incident came at a crucial point in our nation’s march towards more development. We should understand that as a country we have a long way to go. These lofty agendas as enshrined in our new National Development Programme call for collective efforts considering the fact that it is a well known principle within development discourse that for any meaningful progress to be achieved by any society or nation, the people have to be the driving force behind it.

“Nobody is above the law,  so let’s be law abiding citizens.”

The Point