Faraba VDC chair and youth leader hail Barrow’s visit

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The chairman of the Faraba Village Development Committee (VDC), Alagie Sanyang, and the village Youth Leader Suwaibou Sanyang have both hailed President Adama Barrow’s visit to Faraba on Friday as they mourned their relatives who died in the Faraba-PIU clash.

Asked on his reaction to the president’s visit and the remarks he made, Alagie Sanyang the VDC chairman said he was really moved.

“It deeply moved me as the head of state; just to come and pay a visit to the village not just a common visit but to pay condolence is definitely touching,” he said. “We wish his first visit he will visit us on a normal visit not to pay condolence to victim’s families.”

Suwaibou K. Sanyang, the youth leader of Faraba village said, they are indeed sad about the whole incident but they were pleased to have the head of state in their midst.

“We are really glad, though we are very sad but when the president come himself to pay his condolence to us we really feel it because he is showing his empathy,” Suwaibou said. “His coming alone is a credit to us because the president is not somebody who wants trouble. So if trouble comes to his house he has to try and find ways of how to solve it.

He said the president did what is expected of an African and a Muslim, noting he involved religious leaders in advocating for patience and to bringing back peace and them (the people of Faraba) appreciate it.

Asked what impact the president’s visit will have on the youths of the village, Suwaibou said, “It has calmed our youths down because they are non-violent, they don’t know what violence is, they know peace.

He claimed the clash was their last resort.

This has come when we had no means to solve this problem because we have tried many channels but we could not succeed. This was the only way but we didn’t want violence because we were even there with nothing absolutely,” he said. “I was on the ground even trying to calm the youths not to take any weapon but sometimes our security lacks discipline.”

The youth leader, however, is ready to bury the hatchet and promised on behalf of the village youths to stay off any trouble.

“I promise that you will never hear any form of trouble in Faraba from the youths. Enough is enough; we have concluded everything now and we promise nothing will come out of this again, no trouble will come,” Sanyang concluded.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko