’FAO’s intervention has brought light to our lives’

Monday, May 21, 2018

Haruna Gassama, president of the Jahally Rice Filed has affirmed that the intervention of Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations has brought in light to their lives.

He made these remarks at the closing ceremony of Cash-for-Work component of the European Union Funded project implemented by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) dubbed “Post-Crises Response to Food and Nutrition insecurity in the Gambia” in CRR (south and north).

“The coming of (FAO) has met the famers not actually declined but almost collapsing due to lack of support and motivation,” he said.

He stressed that in those previous years, their farms have all been damaged but the intervention of FAO has raised their sprits and “we are ready to collaborate with them as far as farming is concerned.”

“The money that we used to gain from the farming was used to treat sick people at home resulting them to be left with nothing to feed their families, but FAO has turned the table around through the Cash-for-Work activity,” he lamented.

Mr. Gassama further stated that if one sees that migration was high it was because the youths thought there was nothing to do to eradicate poverty than to travel, pointing out that since FAO has invented, almost 500 youths have returned from the urban centers to CRR to take part in the project for a better living.

Deputy Governor Ansumana M.S. Keita, with great delight expressed vividly the good work that the farmers have done on the field through the project.

He conquered that it is of no doubt that the people from these four regions have been targeted by FAO in the project because they needed it the most.

“Please make use of the project appropriately and sustain it,” he advised. He added that most of the times they get donations but to sustain it becomes usually a big issue.

He encouraged the farmers to maintain the good work much especially after the project so that they can be independent.

On behalf of the farmers of CRR North and South, Mariama Koita, of Kerewan thanked the donors and challenged the farmers to maintain the good work much especially after the project so that they can have a peaceful livelihood.