Fans react angrily towards Saintfiet’s tactics against Angola at home

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Gambian football fans at home and abroad have expressed anger and disappointment following the tactics that Scorpions Coach Tom Saintfiet introduced in the Gambia home game against Angola in the first leg of the World Cup 2022 Preliminary played at the Independence Stadium in Bakau, on Friday.

Most of the fans who took on social media expressed disappointment towards the coach’s tactics and plan during the game, saying they are sure that Tom Saintfiet and his charges were the right people to qualify The Gambia to any major tournament.

Baboucarr Sallah said The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) needs to sack all the coaching staff right after the game, noting that they had all the support of The Gambian fans and yet played a game with no vision.

 Yankuba Jallow said “Coach Tom for the Scorpions should be fired for the simple reason that his style of play can’t take us anywhere.”

Professor Sound Boy said Gambians really have heart for football more than anything else but it’s been ages now there is no sign of upgrade compared to other nations who were in the same situation like the Gambia

He called on The Gambians to do the same as what the likes of Mauritania, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau amongst other nations did which made them competing in an international competition such as Afcon.

Malamin Makalo also blamed the coaches for not selecting the right 23-man squad and the right starting 11-man squad for the game, noting that if the coach did not select the right players, he will never get the right result. “If you don’t choose the right 23-man squad and the right 11 you will never get the right results for the team,” he said.

Omar Jabang said Gambia should leave the qualification round for two years and focus on the home-based footballers to rebuild the team, adding that if not the same problem will continue. “We just should leave the qualification fort 2years and focus on our home based footballers and rebuilt thee team. The same problem at all time will continue,” he said.

Momodou Gajaga also blamed the coach for playing defensive football yet lose the game, noting that it would have been wise for the coach to play attacking football and lose than playing defensive football and still lose. “Won’t it be wise to take a risk by attacking and win the game than to sit deep and still lose? Attack and lose the game is more honorable than defending and still losing. Another abysmal performance,” he said.

Bossba Camara said, “This coach really have to stop this 1990 football tactics. How can you defend your home soil when you have this good forward line?” he asked, and added that home game coach need victory no matter who they’re playing against. “Home game you need victory no matter who you playing against but home game please stop defending. Do you really want to tell us away game you going all out or you expect winning when you have been beaten at home with poor performance at the start of the game,” he said

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara