Ex-Students gives back to Armitage

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The 2009 batch of Armitage Senior Secondary School in Central River Region’s administrative capital, Jangjanbureh have recently donated school materials to their alma mater amounting to thirty thousand dalasi. The donation was among series of assistance the batch have been providing to the school in the past years.

The donated materials, including color printers, ten bags of rice, gallons of oil and galvanize wares, among others..

Coordinator of the 2009 batch Haruna Jallow said, they created the group in 2015 to nurture spirit of unionism and strengthen the relationship that has been between them when they were going to school. “We also raised fund through monthly contributions to support our former school. This class also serves as role model for the current students by guiding and counseling them on career development which can help them after school,” he said.

Mr. Jallow commended members of the 2009 class and the entire ex-students for contributing towards the welfare of the institution and her population. He implored all various groups especially the Armitage Ex-Students Association (AMEXSA) to come and support the school to create a conducive learning environment.

President of AMEXSA Muhammed Y. Darboe expressed gratitude to the donors for their remarkable efforts in supporting the school, saying Armitage should not be left in the hands of government and the school administration only. “We should intervene to make sure the sustainable development goal of the school is accomplished. When we were here as students, we always blame ex-students for having no interest in the school. Then, it is now compulsory for us to prove ourselves that we will work to ensure that the image of Armitage turns for the better,” he said. 

He applauded the school’s administration for their generosity to the ex-students, saying their contribution to the ex-students gesture is recognized and appreciated.

Malick Jammeh, region 5 senior education officer said the gesture was a noble one. “The gesture is a clear manifestation of interest and commitment the ex-students have for the school.

Principal of the school Sakuna Sibi said many batch of students have graduated from the school  since 1927 but the 2009 class are doing exceptionally well for the school. He called on all the ex- students to support the school, noting that if all of them were helping the school, it would have been modernized by now.

Author: Momodou Jawo