Ex-student creates girls empowerment advocacy club at Bundung LBS

Friday, January 04, 2019

A former student of Bundung Lower Basic School have recently established a girls empowerment advocacy club in the school call “Gambian Girl Power.”

Haddy Njie, a 2005 graduate of the University of The Gambia said she created the club to help young girls to reach their full potential in education, saying during her school period, she faced several challenges which she couldn’t wish for the current students.

“My number one priority is to give back to young girls who are facing challenges in their education,” she said,  adding that, “I work with girls’ empowerment groups which I believe are important to encourage girls to believe that they can make it, seeing people who went through several obstacles, usually interrupt their education,” she said.

Madam Njie said she decided to come to The Gambia this summer to continue her passion of working with girls in the country.

She said girls need motivation and inspiration from other women who are progressing in whatever enterprise they are involve in. “They must be encouraged to believe that if they work harder they would be able to accomplish their life goals.”

According to her, the reason for creating “Gambia Girl Power” is to give room to young girls to exhibit their gifted talents and be organized and involve in activities from which they would be able to grow and nurture responsible personality in their education.

“We want girls to have the space where they would be able to use their voices to talk about issues affecting them and to create network between them to help mitigate their challenges.” 

Author: Fatou Dem