Ex Referee Malick Sillah eyes GFF hot seat

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

For far too long, Gambian football has been in the hands of people who have come to cash in its popularity, its potential financial and other luxuries while the game suffers,” says Malick Sillah who is aspiring for Gambia’s football governing body GFF president seat in the forthcoming congress.

Mr. Sillah is a retired referee who is willing to replace Lamin Kabba Bajo as the president of the Gambia Football Federation comes August 18, 2018. He told The Standard Newspaper that his mission is clear.

“I think time is long overdue for Gambian football to be given to the people who play, administer, organize and participate in it,” Mr. Sillah said.

He said former footballers are ostracized and excluded from football while, “nonentities” who have no history or connection whatsoever with Gambian football are allowed to run the game with no visible or tangible gains despite huge resources put at their disposal by FIFA and CAF.

Mr. Sillah is coming for the first time and according to reports he has been associated with any camp. 

Author: Sang Wisdom Mendy