Ex-President Jammeh’s Kanilai compound invaded

Friday, February 09, 2018

Security personnel Wednesday morning invaded the compound of the former President Yahya Jammeh in search of a well believed to contain the remains of those killed in secret, The Point has learned.

General Umpa Mendy, the former principal protection officer of former President Jammeh who just returned from Equatorial Guinea and is currently under detention at the Yundum Military Barrack together was the one leading the search. General Ansumana Tamba was also part of the search.

Although nothing has been recovered, according to our sources, General Umpa Mendy show the security personnel the well which was inside the former president’s resident and situated around the mosque.

Some officers of the Fire and Rescue Services at Kanalai also joined the search in the bid to recover human remains, our sources said.

Our sources added that the one fire officer entered the well but could not go further down because it was very dark inside. He therefore decided a comeback.

“Another officer who was also asked to go inside the well, entered but he could not see anything. In fact at that juncture, General Umpa Mendy got out of tempered and told the officers that he was telling them the truth that he had never seen anybody throwing anything inside the well.

 Our reporter has been reliably informed that the well that is situated inside the former president’s compound has been existing there for decades.

“The well was built by Yahya Jammeh’s grandfather. In fact people used to drink the water from the well. Even when Jammeh was constructing the mansion, some soldiers used to drink from the well,” our source added. 

Author: Momodou Jawo