‘Ex Justice minister advised Jammeh to step down’

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

According to former President Jammeh’s ally Seedy Njie, while some people closed to Jammeh were playing double standards during the political crisis, former Justice Minister Mama Fatimah Singhateh advised Jammeh to give dialogue a chance and step down.

Singhateh was the Justice minister during that difficult period and it was even speculated that she might have been the one who proposed the state of emergency to Jammeh, but Mr. Njie in an exclusive interview with West Cost Radio on Tuesday expressed his utmost respect for Fatimah, saying she was loyal to Jammeh at a time but was conscious of the interest of the nation describing her as “loyal and genuine.”

Seedy said he will continue to respect few people whom he said are loyal and genuine because they were honest enough to tell Jammeh the situation on the ground.

“After the State of Emergency was declared, the following day, myself, Mama Fatimah and Fatou Lamin Faye and others, we were with the former president explaining to him the situation. This people for me, in diplomacy and in politics, you need people who are very loyal but need loyalist who are very genuine.

“For me, for the rest of my life, I will recognise and appreciate the likes of Mama Fatimah Singhateh, Fatou Lamin Faye and others and if I am a president, I’d want people like that,” Njie said.

Many had thought the former Justice minister had a hand in what led to the State of Emergency, but it appears she is being vindicated by Njie’s testimony.

“You know there is also notion that Mama Fatimah and Seedy Njie caused the State of the Emergency bill, I remember even the then Justice minister Mama Fatimah she had to cry.”

“I know Mama Fatimah vehemently told Jammeh at the time that there was no need for a State of Emergency.”

Njie said Fatou Lamin Faye, Mama Fatimah Singhateh, then deputy minister of Works Ebrima Njie, the then Gambian Ambassador to Mauritania Bai Ousman Secka, then secretary general, Mustapha Jallow were few genuine people who told Jammeh in close doors to give dialogue a chance.

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko