Euro Africa Group director testifies at commission

Monday, August 28, 2017

Fadi George Mazagi, director of Euro Africa Group, on 24 August 2017, testified before the commission of inquiry looking into the assets and financial transactions of former President Yahya Jammeh.

Mr Mazagi, who told the commission he was doing the job of his managing director who had travelled, said their company produces petroleum products.

In his testimony in relation to 32 vehicles which were shipped from Europe to The Gambia, he adduced that the cost of the vehicles was to the tune of 600,000 Euros.

The vehicles, he testified, were sold but they did not have anything from the Office of President or the Ministry of Tourism, which bought the vehicles.

There was a bill of laden for the vehicles, he explained, saying that he was not involved directly in the transaction, as he was only being given feedback.

When it was put to him that there was no tender of the vehicles, and was asked who received the vehicles, Mr Mazagi said he did not know.

He further said there was no written request.

Asked whether it was normal he did not follow the transaction involving the sum of 600,000 Euros, he said there was no written evidence that the vehicles were delivered.

It was also put to him that there should have been signatures to show the vehicles were delivered but he said he could not give an answer to the satisfaction of the commissioners.

He posited that he thought the vehicles must have been received by the Office of the President.

When it was also put to him that it was unacceptable the vehicles entered The Gambia with nobody to receive them, he said he knew the vehicles were received, adding that his company was registered.

He was asked by the commission to produce documents to show that his company was registered.

One of the commissioners also told him that if he did not produce documents to show the vehicles were received then it meant the vehicles were not received.

Further testifying, he stated that his company was the supplier of facilities to NAWEC, adding that they also built a power station.

He said he thought Euro Africa Group registered as a foreign company.

He informed the commission that he has 10.5% share at the company, GPA 15%, GNPC 10%, Muhamad Basir 31.5%, SSHFC 33% and the Ministry of Finance 3%.

Mr Mazagi further told the commission that they had to give the power station to NAWEC to reconcile, although the electricity company “owes” them D65,000,000.

He adduced that he is also the director of Global Trading Group which operates in Belgium, adding that they were not connected to any other company.

He said he knows Gamico and that Muhamad Basir was a shareholder but “the company is no more operating”.

Earlier, Alagie Jallow, a carpentry contractor, testified saying he lives at Latrikunda German and has a carpentry work shop.

The work shop started more than 20 years ago, he said, adding that he knows the former president.

At that juncture, he was shown a photocopy of his ID card to identify, which he did.

He was then given a Trust Bank statement from tax recovery account indicating that he cashed a cheque for D383,443.

He said he could not remember those who gave him the cheque, adding that Nuha Touray had never given him a cheque but cash. He had some documents to prove it, he said.

But the commission told him that they had documents bearing his ID.

He adduced that he never received a cheque from State House but was told by the commission that there was a cheque for D613,510 to which his ID card was attached, indicating that he had received the money.

In response, he stated that he had received cash but never went to the bank to receive money.

He was also told there was another cheque for D284,623 to which his ID card was attached and which he received.

He denied receiving the money, saying he could not remember whether he gave his ID card to Momodou Sabally or Nuha Touray.

He posited that when he went to State House, they would receive his ID card and pay cash.

He testified that he had a contract with former president to do some work at Wadna, and it was done to the satisfaction of the former president. This was why the former president gave him another contract to construct the Marakisa Bridge, he said.

He was asked to produce the contract document for the construction of the bridge but he said he had lost some of the documents.

Asked whether he could read, he said he could read in Arabic, adding that he never did any work at State House.

He said that all the time he was dealing with the Ministry of Works, and one Mr Camara at State House would pay him for the work done by him.

Mr Jallow indicated that he had a contract at KGI to the tune of D1.5 million, and it was Pa Bojang who paid him but could not confirm whether he received the whole amount.

Author: Dawda Faye
Source: Picture: Euro Africa Group director Fadi George Mazagi