EU supports Gambia’s MDGc food security project

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

European Union (EU) funded MDGc food security project implemented by Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO), which is presently getting support under the EU funded ‘post crises response to food and nutrition insecurity is improving food security and nutrition in The Gambia through food fortification.

The EU presently has around 40 MEUR of development aid programmed towards agriculture and nutrition, also half of which, 20 MEUR, or 10 Euros per Gambian is embarked towards tackling the issue of malnutrition, and in particular stunting and wasting.

Theses EU funded programmes has been put in place in the last years following the EU’s high level commitment towards tackling stunting worldwide. In The Gambia notably successes so far, have been the establishment of The Gambia national alliance on food fortification. A review and proposed restructuring of the standards and regulation of food fortification, as well as the introduction of bio fortified crops.

Other EU programme’s also include monthly cash transfer to mothers with children under the age of two in two regions of the country (BReST) and a blanket supplementary food distribution of children in the rural areas during the lean season and a countrywide promotion of water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) best practices.

Since 2014, the FAO has been helping through funding for the EU to expand the Njoben garden in Central River Region (CRR) from one hectare to five hectares and also established a comprehensive borehole and water distribution system, therefore relieving the almost 500 women farmers from the drudgery of drawing well water.

The community has furthermore been trained on gardening and helped agricultural extension workers to introduce more varieties of vegetables. Similar support has been expanded to seven other community gardens throughout the country.

Author: Pa Modou Cham