EU secures D1.375B budget support disbursement for Gambia

Friday, March 01, 2019

European Union’s Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica has stated in a statement read to journalists by the Union’s Ambassador in The Gambia, Attila Lajos on Tuesday that the Union has secured a first budget support disbursement of 1.375 billion dalasi for Gambia.

At a press breakfast at Ocean Bay Hotel at Cape Point in Bakau, Ambassador Lajos reaffirmed EU’s support and commitment to The Gambia, by signing an immediate package of 75 million Euros and announcing a second package of 150 million Euros in the mid-term

“The budget support disbursement will help the new government to stabilise its budgetary position and pay salaries and bills. The meeting was on a comprehensive overview of the ongoing EU project activities in The Gambia.”

The EU projects in The Gambia are divided into government, security, rule of law, infrastructure, energy, climate change, transport, rural development, agriculture, food security, migration, employment, inclusive sustainable growth and trade.

He said the EU is a global actor and as such, wishes to promote a comprehensive partnership with The Gambia. “This means a mature, respectful and mutually-benefitting relationship that goes beyond mere traditional development assistance.”

He said with the regime change in the country, the EU-Gambia relationship could be fundamentally transformed. “From the onset, the EU affirmed its support to democratic transition in The Gambia and to the realisation of The Gambia National Development Plan.”

Ambassador Lajos said, that was why in 2018; they started a second 5.3 million Euros intervention in the framework of the Global Climate Change Alliance.

He said they are conscious that The Gambia still has many challenges to face, with probably security as the most pressing one. “There can be no development without security,” he said.

Ambassador Lajos said it should be a Gambian responsibility to ensure the country’s security, saying EU is supporting the security sector reform by providing essential technical assistance.

Author: Fatou Dem
Source: Picture: Commissioner Neven Mimica