ESTRA consulting and recruitment holds job open day

Friday, November 10, 2017

ESTRA consulting and recruitment, a Gambian-based company recently held job recruitment and orientation open day at the Alliance Francaise Gambiene.

The company, new in the Gambian market and based in the Mall of Gambia in Bakoteh deals with consulting, job recruitment, training, IT and customer service.

The daylong job recruitment fiesta, according to the company’s senior recruitment consultant, Haddy Trawally, targets graduates, school drop outs and those who could not find work to help them find work and gain experience.

“We also help school drop outs with training on communication, food and hygiene and other basic skills,” she said.

To her, the company chose job recruitment as part their activities. Trawally said the reason they chose job recruitment was because it is something that lacks in The Gambia.

She stressed that instead of people getting work because of who they know, they want to do it the right way by checking their backgrounds, experience and their professionalism.

 “This is a new Gambia; that’s why we are here to change all those mal-practices in our systems and try something new,” she stated.

“In short, what we want to achieve is to ensure that, people get work because of their qualification, experience and professionalism and not otherwise. We also want to give people the voice to showcase their talent,” she opined.

She said after recruiting these job seekers, the company would in-turn serve as agents for them in the various organisations and government institutions in their areas of expertise so that they would be offered the right job they want and are qualified to do.

Trawally challenged all Gambians that ESTRA consulting and recruitment is the right place to be due to their expertise.

Meanwhile, Fatou Khan, a former teacher, Pa Mbackeh and Isatou Bah, who all attended the first recruitment program expressed their satisfaction in the new system, which they said could end the corrupt system of employing whom you know and not who could do the job. 

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh