Essau Diasporans give Ramadan sugar to community

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Citizens of North Bank Region coastal community of Essau in the United Kingdom and United States of America have given back to their community by proving 53 bags of 50kg sugar for the Holy month of Ramadan.

The generosity was made available through the Village Development Committee (VDC) for onward distribution among the ten alkalos and their people.

Vice chairman of the VDC, Yankuba Marong explained that the donors have been providing such gesture for the past 6 years, highlighting that the sugar is meant for those in need. “We appreciate the gesture. It will cover some needs of  people who direly need it,” he said.

Mr. Marong said their citizens living in the US had also funded the construction of the community centre project and a dining hall at Essau primary school. “They have been occasionally providing medicine at Essau major health. We appreciate their efforts and looking forward to more development interventions.”

Central Alkalo Lang Njie hailed the sons and daughters of the community for their noble gesture and prayed that Allah continue to bless them and give them the strength to continue helping their community. 

He also commended the VDC for the transparency and steadfastness, saying if the distribution was not done the right way in the previous years; those in the Diaspora would have ceased providing the support. He also thanked the community for the unity.

Essau Ward councilor Kebba Jallow praised the Essau citizens in the Diaspora for the gesture and appealed to them to continue the worthy humanitarian support. He also called on citizens of Essau residing in other countries to emulate the gesture.

Kumba Dibba, a sub-alkalo said the reward for feeding the fast during the Month of Ramadan is huge.

Dodou EL Njie, an elder on behalf of the community also thanked donors and urged them to continue the generosity.  Imam Alh. Abdou Jammeh also thanked the donors for not forgetting where they came from.     

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb