EPI communication Strategy will promote optimal uptake of immunization

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Communication officer of Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) of the Ministry of Health has said that the purpose of the EPI Communication Strategy is to direct communication activities geared towards the promotion of optimal uptake of immunization and related family health services in communities.

Saharu Kanteh was speaking on Tuesday at Bwiam lodge, Foni Kansala district, where stakeholders gathered to develop an EPI communication strategy. He expressed hope that the strategy would serve as a tool for ensuring coherence and harmony in social and behavioural change communication efforts directed at improving immunization coverage and adoption of related family health practices, namely exclusive breastfeeding, use of mosquito bed-nets, ORT early recognition of danger signs among children under five and proper hand washing.

Kanteh maintained that the communication strategy also takes into account the 2011-2020 National Health Policy objectives, which is to increase immunization coverage to at least 90% for all antigens at national and regional levels.

He stressed that the effective implementation of the Strategy will raise awareness on the importance of uptake of immunization, which, he said is critical to the attainment of these targets.

Lead facilitator Sekou Omar Dibba said the five-year Communication Strategy is designed to guide and direct communication activities directed at the promotion of immunization and related family health services across the regions in the country.

Mr. Dibba expressed optimism that when the strategy is validated, regional health directorates in the EPI programme will work together to chart out annual work plans from the document.