Entertainment & Lifestyle: Manding Morry Entertainment signs 2 Gambian artistes

Friday, June 01, 2018

Manding Morry Entertainment for Performing Art recently signed a contract with two Gambian artistes; Mariama Cham and Pa Dembo Ceesay (Silver P).

The 2-year contract will see each artiste produce an eleven track album and 3 videos. The contract will also give them the opportunity to benefit from music shows, tours to promote their albums in and out of The Gambia, as well as other music related activities.

Manding Morry Entertainment was established in 2011 as a foundation to promote excellence in performing arts and ensure young people have a livelihood in the field of art.

Speaking at the signing ceremony at the Foundation’s office, executive director Ibrahim Ceesay said signing Mariama Cham and Pa Dembo Ceesay was something they always had in mind.

He said as a Foundation, they have invested over seven million dalasi from 2011 to date in Gambian creative industry – music, film, music school and festivals, album launch and album promotion without any profit.

He said they are doing this because people cannot just sit and complain that Gambian art or music is not supported. “We need to invest and not expect anything in return”, he stated.

Mr. Ceesay highlighted that to develop Gambia’s music industry, people need to go back to basics to understand music and musicology. He described Mariama Cham as the next big thing in The Gambia because she is talented, an activist, focused, determined and passionate about music.

For Silver P, he said he is already a household name and all he needs is to tour the world with his music. “Gambian music will not grow if our music is only played in The Gambia”, he remarked, saying people need to take Gambian music outside and cannot do that with playbacks or half hazard music.

Mariama Cham thanked the Foundation for the opportunity and all those who encouraged her. She said they will do their best to live up to expectation.

Silver P expressed delight with the signing and trust bestowed on them by the foundation, saying they will work to achieve their desired goal.

The Foundation’s project manager Muhammed Sumareh said they believe that it is only knowledge that can develop the industry. He added that music without history or a global concept is not music.

Dembo Kambi, chairman of the National Youth Council said the signing is the type that Gambia and young people of the country, while thanking Manding Morry Entertainment for lifting the standards of young people in the country and their contribution to the socio-economic development of the country. “As a Council we will always partner and support the cause of Manding Morry Foundation in harnessing the potential of Gambian youth,” he added.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb