Enterprise Life Company pays 3 death claims compensation

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Enterprise Life Company recently paid death claims to three life cover policy holders who were bona-fide customer to this financial institution.

The latest three life cover policy holders were; Morro Dampha, Ya haddy Saine and Buba Jawo respectively.

The family of the first life cover policy holder Morro Dampha received a cheque amounting to (D25,803.88) from  Enterprise life insurance as a compensation of a death claims.

The family of the second life cover policy holder Ya-Haddy Saine received a cheque amounting to (D15,000), as death claims compensation from  Enterprise life company. 

The second late decease Ya-haddy Saine was a former teacher at Old Jeshwang Lower Basic School and the presentation ceremony was held at the school to serve as a witness.

The third death claims was paid to the family of the late Buba Jawo. The family’s members were paid three different cheques all amounting (D100,671).

The late decease Buba Jawo was a former staff of the judiciary of The Gambia and the ceremony was held at the judiciary on Tuesday 21st May 2019.

The cheque was presented to his trustee on behalf of the late decease for onward delivery to his family’s members who are the beneficiaries.

Speaking at a various presentation, Mr. Bakary Sanneh a business and Development Manager, Enterprise life company, explained briefly about the objectives of this enterprise life company, saying that it is not there wish to see people unable to reach the maturity but in case natural occurred, the Enterprise life company will pay death claims compensation to the said families as promise by the said company.

According to him one of the reasons why Enterprise life pay death claims compensation to the late decease work place is to serve as witness and also to build confidence in the insurance company.

He was also quick to dismiss misconception that Insurance don’t pay death claims.

He also stated Enterprise life company will always keep to it promise in term of paying death claims compensation in case of a policy holder die. Mr. Sanneh further use the opportunity to remind the public that Enterprise insurance is a place to enjoy culture of saving. Therefore, he urge all and sundry to patronise and save with Enterprise life company.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh