Ensure public sector reform meets citizens’ aspirations

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The government has put out a public notice stating that it is planning to hold a grand one-day meeting at State House, where President Barrow will engage senior government or public officials on key issues relating to Public Sector Reform.

This, according to the release, will be done to ensure efficient, effective and responsive public sector institutions to the needs of the citizens and other stakeholders.

The initiative is quite in place as it is mandatory that such types of conclaves are held occasionally to discuss pertinent issues of national development,

We are therefore concerned that such meetings really worth the while and serve to contribute beneficially to national growth and development, as public sector reform, especially, a strong driver to national growth and development since public sector institutions contribute massively to economic growth and national development.

The United Nations Economic and Social Council has rightly stated that “public sector reform consists of deliberate changes to the structures and processes of public sector organisations with the objective of getting them to run better.

Structural change, it notes, may include merging or splitting public sector organizations while process change may include redesigning systems, setting quality standards, and focusing on capacity-building.

Our public sector reform meeting, therefore, should not be another talk-shop for the sake of it. Conclusions, resolutions, and policies discussed and adopted there should be well implemented to realise maximum goal or benefits from the set targets.

It is important that key issues relating to the Public Sector Reform are discussed there.

As it is rightly stated, the public sector is one of the enablers that will complement the eight strategic priorities of the National Development Plan (2018-2021) undertaken by the Barrow government.

We are therefore expecting some healthy discussions around the issues, since decisions taken there are going to go a great stretch in determining the development strides or path of growth our nation is going to take with respect to the public sector organisations we have in the country.

The meeting, it is understood, will bring together all the ministers, permanent secretaries, deputy permanent secretaries, other senior officials and the heads of the state-own enterprises.

This, it is expected, would ensure a healthy discourse around issues of institutional and capacity building, sustainable economic growth, and national development.

We therefore look forward to seeing something good from the meeting that would be of maximum benefit to our nation as policy decisions reached there are implemented.

“Public sector employees are the eyes and ears on the ground for the communities they serve.”
James P. Hoffa