Empretec Project awards five best entrepreneurs

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Empretec, an entrepreneurship empowerment project in The Gambia have recently awarded five best businessmen and women as a motivation and courage to their businesses to contribute in the productive sector of the country’s economy by implementing their talents. The award ceremony was held recently at the Empretec office in Bakau.

Each of the awardees received 40, 000 dalasi. Assan Kalit Sowe was awarded for engaging in organic soap production, Lamin Darboe in poultry, Abdul Wahab in farming, Sainabou Gaye in fashion designer and tailoring and Masamba Njie in energy production.

Lamin Gaye, Director of Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (GIEPA) and the chief judge said it was not an easy job to choose the best but they finally get the best that gathered all the qualities that they were looking for. “All of you are winners because you are all contributing to the social economic development of the country,” he said.

Mr. Gaye urged the entrepreneurs to keep focusing in their businesses to get to where they want to reach.

President of Zimbabwe Empretec Madam Hussi Bangor express delights to be invited in the Gambia to deliver a speech, saying an organization that doesn’t innovate will never last long.

She called on the young people to be creative and to take the challenges of being entrepreneurs to earn living by their own. “Nothing is impossible in life. What matters is to keep the hard work and have passion for your businesses.”

Muhammad Krubally, chairman of Empretec Gambia explained that innovation under production is something and innovation with opportunities is another thing. “I want young people to take the opportunity in this country. Let us try and make sure that we are in charge of our country. We have recently seen bakers withheld their services because majority of them are foreigners. Why not we take it open ourselves and build up bakeries whereby a foreigner will not have power over us in that side,” he said.

He called on the young people to be innovative in the opportunities available in the country; saying it is the responsibility of all citizens to move the country. “We always talk about government when we are the government and we should take charge to develop our country.”

One of the awardees Masamba Njie thanked Empretec for organizing such a good event in other to give them courage in their businesses. He assured that they would spend the money to help uplift their businesses.       

Author: Pa Modou Cham