Electricity supply Jump-passed Kolly Kunda to Laminkoto

Monday, September 10, 2018

Access to electricity has become a nationwide demand in The Gambia with some communities in the remote part of the country who felt they were being belittled by former government now asking for access from the current one.

Our reporter recently spoke to the residents of Kolly Kunda village in Central River Region-north District of Sami who demanded access electricity just like others are enjoying it. “Both high tension and electricity wires jumped-pass our community to Laminkoto,” Aboulie Sallah, Alkalo of the village said.

Mr. Sallah said the nightmare of them not accessing electricity is causing them constraints such as not enjoy street lights, cold water and other necessary things.

He said electricity supply is valuable in the development of the community, saying that when electricity is provided for the village it will help to boost their economy through income generation.

“When we have electricity, business will boom in our community. Tailors and welders will also work in the village rather than travelling to other places just to get electricity supply to do their work,” he revealed.

Ebrima Sallah, a resident of the village said power supply is significant in lightening the environment and protecting them from dangers that can harm them such as snakes.

 He said some people in the community have valuable facilities that cannot operate without electricity, saying if they access power supply, it will enable them to use certain machines including computers, tailoring and welding. “Many of our people would like to stay in the village but they cannot accept the condition of the village due to the lack of power supply,” he said.

Bintou Krubally, a house wife said the availability of power supply will enable women to venture into business to enhance their economic status. 

Author: Ousman Jallow, CRR