‘Electricity problem hinders business sustainability in Gambia’

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

The chief executive officer (CEO) of The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), Alieu Secka has described inconsistent supply of electricity as key problem hindering sustainable business in the country.

Mr. Secka was speaking during an interview with The People’s Choice at his office in Bijilo, on Thursday.

He added that another problem faced by businesses in the country was 22 years of dictatorship, arguing that the playing field for businesses in the country was not level.

According to him, they have come a long way since then and now the environment is much fairer for businesses after coming from a difficult period in the past years. He added that they are now beginning to see signs of progress in businesses in The Gambia.

Buttressing on the environment, Mr. Secka pointed out that one of the areas they can certainly acknowledge is the openness of businesses in country which everybody now operate without fear but in open manner.

He noted that another problem facing businesses in the country is the issue of taxation. The GCCI boss pointed out that their aim is to support businesses even if there is no support or funding from government as they are self-sustaining

“The work we do benefit every business; whether small subscription business or not, because we advocate and represent businesses on a day-to-day basis both locally and internationally, and receiving investors, requires meeting stakeholders and international organisations to articulate day-to-businesses,” he said.

Mr. Secka said the chamber meets and represent government on day-to-day basis both local and international mission in which they support and ensure businesses come to the country.

Outlining their services for the startup businesses, he disclosed that they have business development services which help to receive enquires and interest to see how to support business.

He added that amongst the many services they organise for the startup business included the trade fair, which aims to showcase products and services as well as creating network to develop businesses.

Talking about the chamber’s upcoming award night, Secka pointed out that the GCCI Award Night is another key activity of the chamber, which he said recognises top businesses in The Gambia.

He finally added that the award night is also a celebration of those that contribute to better improvement of the livelihood of the country        


Secka is an entrepreneur, who studied finance and cooperate governance. He started work with KPMG as auditing and business consultant. He was the deputy director of Senegambia Beach Hotel and rose through the ranks of chief accountant and financial controller. He later left the hotel in 2013 to setup his own hotel called Golden Hotel, which he managed for eight years before being appointed as CEO.

Author: Arfang M.S. Camara