EJ Investment’s Sanyang Property saved

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Abdoulie Hydara, the director general of the Gambia Tourism Board confirmed to journalists yesterday that the much talked about EJ Investment’s property in Sanyang is not within Tourism Development Area (TDA).

However, he said S & J Properties and Darboe Jula’s properties in Sanyang are affected.

GTBoard last week claimed in a press release that real estate agencies such as EJ Investment, S & J Properties and Darboe Jula were selling landed properties in the Tourism Development Area, notably Tanji, Batokunku, Tujereng, Kartong and Sanyang.

According to the GTBoard boss, the only EJ Investment property that is undoubtedly affected is the one in Tujereng.

Hydara said all the Real Estate Agencies who illegally bought lands within the TDA will not be given the opportunity in the area again “even if they are going to build tourism related structures.”

“If they are serious investors they would have followed due process. They had all the opportunity to do that but they refused. They are Gambians; nobody will stop them from acquiring lands in this country. But it has to be through due process,” he asserted.

Hydara said he could not confirm whether EJ Investment does in fact have all their documentations through the right channels.

Meanwhile, in separate development, the GTBoard is accused of collaborating with Construct Ltd. for the building of water front residences & apartments on EJ Investments Properties in Tujereng.

GTBoard top officials like Hydara & Fatou Beyai are accused of engaging in business with Turkish Real Estate Agencies and Indian Real Estate Agencies based in The Gambia to help them get most of the sea front strategic locations.

Reacting to these allegations, DG Hydara said the GTBoard has no plans to transfer the said properties to Construct Ltd. or any other company.

“That is not true. The GTBoard is a very responsible government institution. We will never involve in something that is unlawful. That will not happen under my watch. No Construct Ltd. or whatsoever will build non-tourism related structures in the TDA. The people of Tujereng deserve to have developments like that of Senegambia,” he explained. 

He continued: “If I was able to take back all the lands that Yahya Jammeh took, who is EJ Investment? People have to accept that this country is governed by law and anything one is doing should be guided by the dictates of the constitution.”

When contacted by this reporter on Tuesday at his office in Kanifing regarding this issue, Fara Shams, managing director of Construct Ltd. said he did not know really from the different parties what was going on, “but all I know that we have a PPP Project, Public Private Partnership with the government of The Gambia with The Gambia Tourism Board which we have develop a water front residence which is a very highly regarded development for Gambia.”

Regarding Construct Ltd. for building apartments on EJ Investments lands, Construct Ltd. managing director said it is completely false and unfounded allegations, noting that if EJ Investments have their issues with GTBoard or communities who sold lands to them, they should go and settle it with them.

Author: Njie Baldeh