EJ Investment reacts to GTBoard claims

Monday, May 06, 2019

EJ Investments has last Thursday reacted to claims made by the GTBoard in its press release on 24 April 2019, where it claimed that real estate agents such as EJ Investments and two others are selling landed properties in the Tourism Development Area at Tanji, Batokunku, Tujereng, Kartong and Sanyang.

However, EJ Investment has denied any wrongdoing, dismissing the claims by the GTBoard as false and misleading.

Abdoulie Fatty, lawyer for EJ Investments said they wanted Gambians to know the truth.

“I want to make it absolutely clear that EJ Investments is a very reputable company with a very impeccable image and reputation, and all its business dealings and transactions at the heart of its core business operations are to engage with customers fairly in a manner that is respectable.”

“It is really important to refute and to put the company’s side of the story to The Gambian people and to the diaspora to know the truth and hopefully will succeed in revealing the truth so that people make up their own minds as to the entire circumstances relating to the press release by the GTBoard.”

GTBoard claims that any land that falls within 800 metres from the high water mark is considered to be within the vicinity of the Tourism Development Area (TDA). “So we want to make absolutely clear that the Sanyang Seaview estate is not within the TDA, and in fact Sanyang Seaview estate is located some 1,400 metres away from the water mark, so it is at least 400 metres away from the demarcation line,” Mr. Fatty said.

“So the claim by the GTBoard that the Sanyang Seaview estate is within the TDA is completely false and unfounded, and to buttress on that point, approval for land in relation to Sanyang Seaview estate, Physical Planning actually issued clearance and approval in relation to the Sanyang Seaview estate.

According to counsel Fatty, the Sanyang Seaview estate was purchased from the people of Sanyang, different families came together to accumulate that land and sold it to EJ Investments, adding that the entire transaction in the acquisition of those lands was fair and transparent

 “The people of Sanyang are completely disappointed by the claim made by the GTBoard because that does not fall within the TDA,” he said adding that the consumers always at all times, have confidence in institutions that they deal with, so if there is lack of confidence, it has serious consequences on the business operating or the company that they deal with.”

“The estate was lawfully acquired from the customary owners of Sanyang village in a fair and transparent manner,” the lawyer declared.

“In respect of the Tujereng Estate, EJ Investments wishes to make it clear to all its customers and the general public that it acquired this land from the people of Tujereng who had for decades held customary tenure of the said land and were in possession of the land.”

Ebrima Jeng, chief executive of EJ Investments, said he and his family are very disappointed for the baseless allegations against his company by the GTBoard. He said as Gambians, they should be encouraged to come and invest in their country, rather than to discourage them. 

Author: Njie Baldeh