Eid Mubarak!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tomorrow is Tobaski. Muslims in The Gambia and many parts of the world will tomorrow celebrate, Eid-al Adha, commonly known as Tobaski.

Since today is the last day to welcome the big feast we once again want to appeal to traders, ram dealers, business people in general to reduce price of rams and other essential commodities so that the average Muslim can afford to get those essential commodities that would aid their enjoying of the feast.

Those who are rich should help the needy with either meat or rams to enable them to also join the festivity.

The authorities should put pressure on ram dealers to make the prices reasonable and affordable since taxes and other logistics have been abolished.

It is necessary, as recommended in the Quran, to help all those who cannot afford to provide rams and other essential items for themselves and families.

Tobaski is very essential in our religion hence people should bear in mind to help others, especially the needy; they should therefore not keep their meat and leave out the needy.

More so, before someone buys a ram for up to D40,000 or more, it will be advisable for individual to buy ram of lower price and use some that money to buy other rams for those who cannot afford to do so or would not want to beg.

In this day of Tobaski we should help or share with our Imams, who don’t earn salaries. We can even buy rams for them as they are the first to slaughter their rams and then we follow suit.

So far those who cannot afford it, Islam makes it very clear that they should not force it, for it is not compulsory.

The people who cannot afford it should bear in mind that after Tobaski they have lots of other financial commitments such as house feeding, school fees and other essential expenditures.

The Management of The Point wishes all readers, advertisers and staff Happy Eid Mubarak!

“May Allah bring you joy, happiness, peace and prosperity on this blessed occasion.”

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