EGALISE supports social projects in Gambia

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

A private group, called Exchange between Gambia and Limousine, acronym EGALISE has initiated social economic projects in The Gambia. Limousine is town in France, where Dr. Sergei Thevenot and Mr. Pierre Carrol teamed up with some prominent Gambians to set up the group.

Among the Gambian members are Dr. Mamadou Tangara, the late Sabastian Njie, Joseph Findin Njie, Marcel Thomasi, Fanta Bai Secka ,  Cherno Barry, Nuru Gillen, Ousman Bargie and Kinsha Jawara Njie.

In the last few years EGALISE supported the  EFSTH and  Bafrow with two 40ft containers loaded with 150 beds and some 2000 diabetic testing kits amounting to some D8,250 million dalasis.

 The group teamed with local partners such as the First Lady Foundation and Africell to fund the shipment of the items.

In Sifoe, EGALISE funded the fencing of the women’s garden and initiated medical consultations by doctors hired and paid by the charity, before a Belgian charity took over.

EGALISE is also initiating a D3.3M community gardening project as well as sheep breeding project at Sami Panchonki village, in the CRR.