EFSTH to train Doctors on specific surgical areas

Monday, July 09, 2018

Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in collaboration with the West African College of Surgeons will begin a four to six-year training program that would engage doctors in specialising in specific areas in surgical operations.

The training programme, called Part 1 Residency programme in obstetrics, gynecology and general surgery is aimed at building the capacity of the surgical doctors in the country’s major referral hospital.

The post graduate training programme will help a great deal in improving the health care system of the country. Already qualified doctors will be trained to be specialized in certain areas as they have already got the accreditation to conduct such training.

The training, according to official sources will avail doctors who wish to specialize in specific areas the opportunities to study within the country with affordable payment plan compared to studying in a foreign land.

According to Dr. Charles Robert, the training can attract foreign doctors who want to be specialists to join which, he said would help boost the financial status of the institution. The programme, according to the head of surgery department, will not only help train doctors to serve the people better, but also to offer specialised services to the people.

“This training will also help doctors to take independent decision as most of them lack the confidence to take certain decisions without consulting the senior doctors for instruction and direction.  The training will not only stop at the urban area but also in the rural areas to deliver services as part of their training although they will be under the supervision of their trainers to minimize chances of going wrong,” Dr. Robert said.

Dr. Abdoulie Keita defined post-graduate medical education as a phase in doctors training under supervision towards independent practice after completion of their basic qualification.  He emphasised the importance of the programme, saying it improves the quality of health system and will reduce financial burden on the government. 

Author: Fatoumatta Samateh