EFANET-Gambia holds bi-annual membership meeting

Friday, November 09, 2018

,Education For All Campaign Network (EFANET)-The Gambia, a national education coalition yesterday convened a two-day membership meeting and capacity building for member organizations in the country at a ceremony held at the Regional Education Directorate 1, in Kanifing.

The forum was designed to avail members the opportunity to share information on programme activities and advocacy strategies.

EFANET-Gambia seeks to influence policies by mobilizing, building and strengthening capacities of civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to help them effectively advocate for the realization of quality education in The Gambia.

Board chairperson Bakary Badjie stressed that capacity needs in the education sector can be identified across all levels, such as creating a legal framework for participatory policy planning for institutions and accountable monitoring for organizations. “Education is both a goal in itself and a means for attaining all other SDGs and the integrated and invisible nature of the SDGs is clearer than ever,” he said.

Mr. Badjie said education promotes empowerment and yields development benefits to households, families, communities, state and the world by extension.

EFANET-The Gambia, he said, will use the two-day forum to holistically discuss with the participants on challenges affecting the general wellbeing of teaching and learning as well finding ways of turning the identified challenges into opportunities.

Speaking on behalf of the member organizations, Omar J. Ndure said there are a lot of questions to be asked and the platform will serve as an opportunity to answer them. “As partner organizations, we have a responsibility to reflect on what we have been doing in our own ways and together,” he said.

Ndure maintained that EFANET is the fulcrum and pivot for all member organizations to ensure that it succeeds and of the areas they should engage, saying to see it succeed they must share best practices as organizations. “We are supposed to be advocating meaningfully and lobbying particularly in the area of education and a responsibility to influence policies especially on educational policies,” he suggested.

He noted that over the years, there have been an outcry in terms of providing quality education in the country from parents, teachers and even the layman, promising that as a network they have a responsibility at all times to ensure that those children in the classroom benefit from quality and equal education for all.

Ndure commended EFANET for standing firm against the recent sit-down strike by the “Teachers for Change” and urged member organizations to come out when such crises arise.

“Our childrens’ education is very important and we must all come together to make sure that they get not only basic education but the best one.”

Author: Fatou B. Cham