Edo State Union certifies Skye Bank MD

Friday, August 02, 2019

Nigerian Edo State Union (ESU)-Gambia chapter, Tuesday certified the managing director/Ceo of Skye Bank Gambia, Soni Anwal as their honorary life patron.

The team was led by the chairman Emmanuel Omorodion, accompanied by patron Mathew Agbuyele; treasurer Eghosa Okpolpgie; financial secretary Frank Ogendegbe and chairman of Afemai, Jegede Paul.

Chairman Omorodion said they established the Union in The Gambia to address the welfare of their members in the country who have no shelter and face feeding and job acquisition related problems.

He said the Union aim to ensure that Nigerians in The Gambia are comfortable until they succeed in their mission. “We have four family meeting points and whoever comes to The Gambia from Nigeria will approach those families who conduct meetings every two weeks to discuss ways and means to support their brothers and sisters.”

Mr. Omorodion told their new honorary life patron that the Union is also implementing a potential project in The Gambia mainly to raise funds to enable them to cater for the needs of their Nigerian brothers and sisters in The Gambia.

He said the Union has a membership of more than two thousand people in The Gambia, saying they were awarded by the former Nigerian Ambassador to The Gambia as the most peaceful Union in The Gambia. “We will continue to strive for they maintenance of peace and stability in The Gambia.”

Mathew Agbuyele, patron of Edo state Union  said they are honored and appreciative of the development, saying it shows that they are one brothers staying together in a foreign country. “We hope that we will all succeed in everything that we do.”

Managing Director Soni Anwal thanked the Union for trusting him, saying it is good to see the Union improving the welfare of their own Nigerian brothers and sisters in The Gambia.

He also urged them to be law abiding while in The Gambia and praised members for their peaceful existence in the Gambia

Author: Fatou Gassama