Ebou Faye: I am from Banjul and I know what we want

Thursday, February 08, 2018

An aspiring candidate for Mayoral seat in Gambia’s capital city, Banjul have been trying to convince his electorates to choose him as their next Mayor in the fourthcoming Local Government elections, promising that he would strive to fix the p[roblems of the capital city if he is elected Mayor.

Mr. Faye, the current General Manager of the Independent Stadium in Bakau called himself a competent, capable and knowledgeable to handle the development of Banjul to put the capital city its proper footing.

Speaking to the Point in a recent interview at his Bakau office, Mr. Faye said among his first priorities will be to fix the city’s drainage system as addressing that will have trickledown effects in addressing health and fight against Malaria.

He said the city’s drainage problem can be attributed to the encroachment of water ways by the expansion of compounds in Tobacco Road and the dumping of household refuse in Lassowaff and Angle Street river route. “Also, road constructions in Banjul are blocking some drainage routes for the passage of water.”

He promised to build a youth centre, make Banjul on top of sport and give full support to the schools if he becomes the Mayor. “I have a certificate in Agricultural Studies from Norway; a Diploma in both international relations and freelance journalism. I graduated from the South Bank University in England with a Master’s degree in development studies’’. 

Author: Pa Modou Cham