EBAFOSA Gambia celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Monday, October 15, 2018

(Thursday 11th October, 2018 Issue)

Ecosystems Based Adaptation for Food Security Assembly (EBAFOSA)- Gambia has recently celebrated its second anniversary and National Day of Resilience and Food Security (NDRFS). The event also accords the stakeholders opportunity to further promote and galvanize support for its activities among crucial country stakeholders. 

President Ahmed A. Salami said he appreciate the organisation’s progressive engagement and success in the country, saying they dedicate the anniversary to late Mohammed Taal; EBAFOSA Bio fertilizer specialist and Bio fertilizer training pioneer, who trained farmers, youth, women and some community leaders on bio fertilizer production.

Mr. Salami said as part of the anniversary engagements, they are collaborating with National Volunteers Network and Fortress of Development for Africa in planning to hold forum on agriculture, climate change, migration, sustainable energy planning and food security this month. “We are working to solidify the progress made and maximize their success by focusing and driving the amalgamation of clean energy, policy harmonisation, standardization and innovative financing.

He said EBAFOSA seeks to expand mango Jurr Organic Fertilizer using two approaches; expanding into newer locations across the country to make Jurr Organic Fertilizer a national enterprise supplying organic fertilizer and offering training to farmer enterprises across the country. “We also intend to expand by product lines where Jurr can be diversified into a related area – that of agriculture waste-to-energy, such that in addition to fertilizer, they also start supplying bio fuels, bio-char.”

 According to him, they have mobilized policy makers across government which has formed the EBAFOSA Interagency policy task force with some professionals and representatives from Civil Society Organisations (CSO).

 “Policy is the biggest driver of change. Through the EBAFOSA Gambia Inter-Agency Policy Task Force, a member from Ministry of Agriculture will need to work with the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources and other line Ministries to ensure EBA techniques like agro-forestry are integrated into mainstream agriculture policies,”

To bring investment in clean energy-powered agro-industrialization, agriculture policies, he added, would need to reconcile with industry policies, energy policies, land policies and private investors to ensure relevant-cross cutting policies.