DWG reviews 1997 Constitutional

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Democracy Watch Gambia (DWG) has announced they have conducted a holistic review of the 1997 Constitution and conclusively constituted a robust and detailed set of recommendations for constitutional review.

In media dispatch sent to The Point, DWG said that having conducted this exercise and published their pack in full anticipation of the constitution of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), they would continue to liaise and work with partner Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in The Gambia with a view to collectively producing a joint Recommendation Pack for submission to the CRC for them to consider as part of their review process.

“DWG would like to bring to the attention of the general public that following the announcement by the Minister of Justice of The Republic of The Gambia on the 11th Dec 2017 of a Constitutional Review of the 1997 Constitution.”

“We would like to use this opportunity to strongly encourage other Gambian CSOs in the Diaspora and elsewhere to join this historic collective civic exercise.”