Dutch students built toilet facility, paint Latiriya health post

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Four students from Liemers College in Zevenaar City in Holland have built a toilet facility at   health post in Kombo North and the health facility painted. The health post was funded by Foundation Hands Together The Gambia.

Chairman of Foundation Hands Together The Gambia Herbert Damen said engaging in community service provide students the opportunity to become active members of the community.  “Community service enable students to acquire life skills and knowledge,” he said.

He said patients were encountering difficulties to access toilet facilities and this new initiative will drastically reduce that, saying the Foundation is committed to improve Gambia’s health care service and provide quality education for all.

The Foundation’s secretary general Mr. Herk, urged the community to ensure the sustainability of the project, saying the fundamental objective include contributing to Gambia’s development by providing quality health service delivery, improved education and support to communities involved in gardening.

He hailed the students and their teachers for the laudable initiative, noting that it will go a long way in improving the sanitation of the health post. He also urged the management of the health post to ensure that the toilet facility is properly used.

 Iris, one of the students explained the significance of health and hygiene, saying that they target to ensure that patients have access to toilet.

Dennis and Simon, two of the teachers who accompanied the students from Holland hailed the students for the initiative, saying that participating in community service activities help  student to obtain work-related skills and develop civic and social responsibility skills in them.

Author: Momodou Jawo