Dutch philanthropist inaugurates classroom block

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A new classroom block sponsored by Wendy and Bart de Varies, a couple from the Netherlands was on Saturday inaugurated at Umar Bun Khatab Islamic School in Brikama Madina.

Imam of the community Sheriff Gitteh thanked the donors for the support and prayed that Allah rewards them.

Alkalo Baba Gitteh prayed that the coming of the new classroom block brings long-lasting development to the teaching of Islamic religion in the community and the entire Gambia. “This will help in enabling children to stay in the community and learn the Holy Qur’an,” he said.

Head teacher Ustas Kemo Gitteh said “we thank the sponsors for their contribution”, adding that they have also renovated the school’s old classrooms with sixteen seats in each of them and facilitated the availability of teaching aids.

 President of Mothers Club- Saffiatou Drammeh appealed to parents to be encouraging their children to take schooling serious, saying parents play important role in the education and bringing-up of children. “The best way parents can be their children's role model is to show them good example,” she said.

She said children need their parents’ motivation by always encouraging them when they do good things or pass their examination. Parents can also help their children in their school assignments.

She appealed to parents to be actively participating in Parent Teachers Association (PTA) activities which can help in bringing solutions to some problems in school.

Bart de Vries, one of the sponsors said they started the project some four years ago because they believe in the power of education.

Guest speaker Demba Yabo, registrar of Gambia College said the inclusion of computer teaching is good and will help children also learn computer usage to match the global use of computers. Education makes people to empowered and self-reliant.

He said education brings self-awareness and faster development because when people are educated, they think fast and deeper than the uneducated ones.

Imam Ahmad Banding Drammeh thanked the donors for supporting the school and prayed that Allah blesses them and the school.  

Author: Sanna Jallow