‘Drug abuse has led to broken homes’

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Drug Law Enforcement Agency The Gambia (DLEAG) director of intelligence and international cooperation has said that the impact and burden of drug abuse, illicit drug trafficking and related crimes have break down  huge financial loss on families and sometimes  loss of lives.

Deputising the director general of the Agency at a day-long sensitization on drug and related crimes and teenage pregnancy at Semega Janneh Hall last Sunday, Lamin Gassama said in some situations when an arrest is effected, mothers who strive hard in the market to make ends meet for their families will continuously shuttle between stations, court and prison showing care to their children.

The sensitization was organized by the anti-drug Agency in partnership with Sami Kantora Women’s Charitable Association.

“Others have had scenarios where their lovely kids get involved in illicit activities and become demons overnight,” Mr. Gassama said.

He noted that the Agency can put an end to the situation when there is partnership to educate and sensitize the public to prevent people from continuing to involve in drugs while encouraging those addicted to desist and seek help.

“When siblings come into conflict with the law, the blame mostly goes back to the mother when you analyse the dynamics  happening in our community. The involvement of women groups in this noble crusade is highly welcome and commendable.”

He stated that drugs do not exist in isolation and cannot be curbed by any single entity, saying that battling drugs is a complex challenge that requires the use of multi-skills, strategies and approach. “The crusade on drugs goes beyond supply suppression, interdiction and legal process.”

He said that they will not leave any stone un turn in their interdiction process, and also called on the public to report drug related activities to law enforcement agencies because officers cannot be everywhere all the time. 

“Those harboring drug dealers or condoning such activities should know that they are architect of their own destruction. This is because the law will surely catch up with them”, he concluded.

Author: Fatou O Barrow