Drivers should stop charging double fares

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Now that the national transports fares have increased to normalcy, drivers should be patriotic enough to stop charging double fares for one destination.

Commuters plying from Banjul, Westfield to Brikama have endured enough bitter experiences from commercial drivers before reaching their final destinations. Charging passengers from Westfield to Tabokoto and then Brikama or Coastal Road is unacceptable and the National Transport Union must look into this.

In as much as commercial driving is a business, it’s equally part of nation building and therefore national interest must also be put into consideration. Drivers must be honest to themselves and to the passengers and the vehicle owners. Plying from Westfield to Brikama and pretending not going to Brikama and end up charging from Latrikunda or Tabokoto to Brikama is a sign of hypocrisy and dishonesty.

To ensure honesty and fair play in this whole issue of transportation, and since there is no something like Westfield-Traffic light or Sabina in our national tariffs, authorities must make sure that these destinations do not form the same fares with what is in our tariffs. What we have in our tariffs is Serekuda-Bakau and that covers Westfield Bakau, now if that is the case, why are authorities allowing drivers plying Westfield-Bakau using or charging Traffic light with the same price pegged as Serekunda-Bakau.

This is not fair, and since some of these destinations are not in the national tariff, they should be included, but with a different fare considering the distance.

Authorities in our transport system must revisit the entire National Transport tariff to making sure that emerging destinations are equally embedded in with prices they worth. If Westfield-Bakau is charged D8, that should be different from Westfield-Traffic light, or else, it will only make little or no sense.

Again, authorities must not only wait until when fuel liters are increased or decreased, then they come up with new charges. They must revisit the entire National Transport Tariff and see what deserves what.

We therefore call on authorities to devise means to avert drivers charging double fares for commuters travelling long distance.

“The  drivers and authorities should maintained  honesty and fair play  in our transportation tariffs . ”

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