Dream Project product: the hero of exciting win for GAF

Thursday, January 04, 2018

“Smart, talented and humble; it’s fair to say that few volleyball players sum up the modern game better than Fatoumatta Sillah.

Since her childhood, Fatoumatta Sillah has forged the weapons to become a volleyball superstar. She is always looking forward with a ferocious ambition and a formidable mental strength.

 In less than two years of her career, she had made a name for herself, and never had so much been expected of her.

Since she was introduced to the African Dream Project Center in Brikama, western Gambia, it was already clear she was developing rapidly. She became more athletic, more technical – it was obvious the brilliance between her and the others.

“In terms of her maturity and her determination, there was no-one at her age of an equivalent standards. Fatoumatta always wanted to be the best, to be heard and shoulders above everyone else.”

It was little surprise, therefore, when Gambia Armed Forces female team featured her in the international volleyball festival organised in Ziguinchor, Senegal in December 2017.

It was a competition that finished on a dizzying high, as Sillah helped her side to the crown and scooped the Best Player award in the process.

Her first season was solid, she was the revelation of the league last year in Brikama’s dominance, but her impact hasn’t diminished one bit in every single match she played and went on to be voted the emerging talent of the year in Gambian sports.

 She hasn’t just been phenomenal; she made her teammates better and still aged only 14, she has turned out for her country – a dramatic rise.

Today, she is 14 and carries the hopes of Brikama on her shoulders. She has become the key player in Pa Barrow’s side. In The Gambia, she is seen as a breath of fresh air and her unveiling to the national team is imminent.

When she starred for GAF at the international volleyball festival in December in Senegal, ultimately her first international outing, Flashes of such brilliance were on display in the final against Mali.

Every moment of the game was cheered up for the young Gambian starlet and her name could be heard from all corners of the stadium.

 And when she got that first international title for GAF, she ultimately recorded her name once again in the volleyball hall of fame. 

Rising from the African Dream Centre in Brikama to conquer Gambia with an ‘impossible’ performance at the biggest stage in the country’s national championship and now being named the best young player in an international platform. And believe it more is yet to come! 

Author: Muhammed L. Saidykhan