Division at Assembly: Minority claims resolution not binding

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The minority leader and member for Niamina Dankunku Constituency, Hon. Samba Jallow, has described the so-called resolution made at the All Party Caucus as not binding and does not represent the decision of the Assembly in chambers.

The Majority Leader Kebba Barrow, the lawmaker for Kombo South, on Monday told journalists they will not accept or recognise the dismissal of Ya Kumba Jaiteh who was nominated by the president.

It is claimed that a resolution was signed by 31 lawmakers who expressed their disagreement with the decision of the head of state.

But in Tuesday’s press conference at the National Assembly, the minority leader refuted these claims, saying the resolution does not represent the decision of Assembly in chambers.

“The resolution read by the majority leader of the Assembly, at the end of the All-Party Caucus yesterday, is not binding and does not necessarily represent the decision of the Assembly in chambers,” the minority leader said.

He clarified that they are neither in nor against the revocation of Ya Kumba Jaiteh’s nomination as members of the house, citing that the issue is an ambiguity over a constitutional provision.

Jallow went on to say if the resolution was meant to have the backing of the Assembly, it should have been properly channelled to the clerk of the National Assembly for it to be included in the chamber’s forthcoming session scheduled in March; during which the matter could be addressed owing to the legalities involved in the issue.

The Niamina Dankunku lawmaker said the position of the caucus was for them to seek legal advice from the Attorney General’s Chambers to guide them in the prospective decision they might have to take.

“I wish to put on record that the resolution made at the All-Party Caucus is not binding and does not represent the decision of the Assembly in chambers,” Jallow emphasised. In addition, the circulated signature list of 31 legislators does not stand or suffice as a support for, or an agreement to, the said resolution but it was a mere attendance list for those who attended the All-Party Caucus.

“There were different views at the All-Party Caucus and those views need to be reflected.

“We call for us to seek legal opinion on the matter and to follow due process.”

Author: Sankulleh Gibril Janko
Source: Picture: Hon. Samba Jallow