District Tribunal sentences Alkalo on illegal tree cutting

Monday, July 01, 2019

Nianija district tribunal have recently found Sinchu Ngedi Alkalo guilty on three charges of illegal tree cutting, moving trees from the forest without permit and selling trees without a permit. He has been sentenced to pay a fine of 20, 000 dalasi or serve nine month imprisonment.

Chief Dawda York ordered that Yahya Jallow, who was a committee member of the Kaibadeh forest to immediately pay the fine or risk going to jail for the act and emphasised his uncompromising position on people who are found guilty of tampering the forest. “These illegal acts will cause disadvantages in our socio-economic development and cause environmental hazard,” Chief York said, while handing down his judgement.

He also encouraged people to save the forest, saying they should use other means to develop their villages instead of cutting down the forest without replacing them and without going through the right way.

The administrative area forestry officer Kemo Kinteh Bagadaji called on people to distance from such illegal acts or the wrath of the law will be applied on them. 

Author: Ousman Jallow
Source: Picture: Chief Yaya York