District Tribunal in Wuli sentences man to vacate his compound

Monday, January 21, 2019

The Wulli East District Tribunal presided over by Chief Ebrima Juwara has urged one Bayerro Camara, 58, and a native of Baja Kunda to vacate his compound or risk forceful eviction.

The court ruled that the said compound belongs to the Bajaha family and that Mr. Camara must vacate by 24 January 2019.

The convict has described the judgment of the district tribunal as unfair, saying the matter was motivated by the caste system. He said that the Bajaha family of Baja Kunda had accused him of insulting their grandparents over so-called slave and noble caste system issues.

Mr. Camara is believed to have settled in that compound for 12 years before his sentence. The district chief, however, has strongly denied reports that caste issues motivated the judgment.

“The Bajaha family of Baja Kunda has provided enough evidence and witnesses and had proven their case beyond reasonable doubt that the said land belongs to them,” he told our reporter. “Interestingly, the piece of land where the convict built his compound was borrowed to him by the late alkalo of Baja Kunda, Alh. Dembo Sanneh Bajaha.”

Commenting on an audio that went viral, stating that one Bulie Gundo Bajaha has claimed that the convict (Bayerro Camara) insulted their parents on a WhatsaApp forum and that they will do everything possible in ensuring that he leaves the compound, where they claimed belongs to their grandparents.

Chief Juwara, however, stated that such issues were not brought before the tribunal, and therefore he cannot comment further on them.

“The man must leave because the land where he built his second compound does not belong to him. If he fails to leave on the stipulated date, I will order the police to forcefully throw his materials outside. Our judgment must be respected,” the district chief said.

Meanwhile, the convict claimed that the said land was given to him by then head of Baja Kunda hospital. He admitted that the land where he built his compound was a government reserve land. “This is happening because they claimed that I am a slave. The Bajaha family of Baja Kunda stated that I insulted their parents which is the contrary.”

Mr. Camara explained that the only thing he said was that he and his mother have worked for Bulie Gundo Bajaha and other families for more than 10 years without a butut, calling it a total slavery.

“The Bajaha family then reported me at the Basse Police Station where I was detained for 24 hours. What pains me so much is the fact that I was the only person the chief asked to remove my hat; while the other party was with their hats during the district tribunal court settings.”

“I will die in this compound but I will not move an inch because I got the land since 2007. Since 2007 there has not been any problem but because I said I have worked for their parents for 10 years without payment and that’s why they wanted to remove me,” he told our reporter.

Mawdo Garry, one of the juries of the Wuli East District Tribunal, said the said land where Mr. Camara built his compound does not belong to him.

“I can tell you that I was the person that went to the Bajaha family to ask them to give the land to Bayerro Camara as he wanted to build one house. That agreement is that when Bajaha family wants the land, they will take it back.”

“Our judgment has nothing to do with slavery and nobility. Some family members of Bajaha never accepted for the land to be lent to Camara but the then alkalo Alh. Dembo Sanneh insisted that they must lend him the land because Mr. Camara was poor. In fact some of the alkalo’s brothers were not talking to me for two years.”

Bulie Gundo Bajaha, however, has admitted that to have said on a WhatsaApp forum that they would remove Mr. Camara where he was staying because he insulted their parents.

He said that the chief’s judgment had nothing to do with caste system.

Author: Momodou Jawo just back from Wulli East