Ding Ding Yiriwa Federation holds second AGM

Monday, June 17, 2019

Ding Ding Yiriwa Federation, a local partner to Child Fund The Gambia in Kombo North and South recently held its second Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the federation’s site office in Jambanjelly.

The AGM attracted various stakeholders including parents, youths, children and community-based organisations.

The annual gathering, according to officials, is a policy requirement of the institution to annually gathered stakeholders so as to discuss both their challenges and progress made during the year under review. It also, accords them the opportunity to discuss other pertinent critical to the development of the federation in the coming years.

Alieu Mendy, manager of Ding Ding Yiriwa Federation, spoke at length on the importance of the annual gathering, which he said, is purposely to review both the success stories and challenges faced by the federation in its past development programs.

He added that it also accord them the opportunity to discuss on the coming year development programs of the federation as stakeholders.

 “So this is to tell you that we as officials working at the federation do not have the power to bring about progress to the federation without your involvement. What we are looking at here today as a federation is our three main core life stages. So it is important as a federation to discuss these issues with all our stakeholders,” he said.

Lamin Sanneh, board Chairman of the Federation said the turn-out at the forum clearly show the level of progress made by the federation in enhancing both the livelihood of its children and their families.

“This is an indication that the progress the federation is making in enhancing both the livelihood of its children and the families and cannot be realized without the active participation of all partners. So I am also advising the parents to be helping our children to ensure their active participation in the daily activities of the federation” he added.

Author: Yusupha Jobe