Ding-Ding Yiriwa Federation holds 2nd Annual Influential leader’s forum

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The Management Board and staff of  Ding-Ding Yiriwa Federation based on Jambanjelly Kombo South, affiliated to Child Fund-The Gambia on Saturday held it 2nd influential leaders dialogue meeting with parents as well as the federation staff at Jambanjelly village.

The initiative that is spearheaded by the federation is designed to raise the awareness of influential leaders on the federation thematic activities and programs.

The one day interactive session was held at Jambanjelly is the 2nd of its kind and brought together top brass of the federation, influential leaders as well as the cross sections of people within the federation catchment areas.

Speaking at the event, the Manager, Ding-Ding Yiriwa federation, Alieu Mendy, said this dialogue with influential leaders is a very important component of our program and intervention in the history of  Ding- Ding yiriwa.

He added: “ We feel it important to bring all influential leaders within this two districts as well as the alkalos, the cluster president, the youth group leaders and the imams will play a key role in the emerging need of the federation”.

He pointed out that the influential leaders within the federation are the people who attend meetings at different forum to point out what the federation entails.

“My role is actually is to support the staff disseminates clear information to the participants to ensure that the dialogue is well organized and coordinated as well as to point the significance attaches to the meeting with the influential leaders”,  he said.

Commenting further, the federation manager noted that Ding-Ding Yiriwa is a program and has a target group and we have what you called annual operation plan, these annual operation plan was develop by the community representatives. In every fiscal year the annual operation plan is approved by our donor, we work within the framework of this annual plan.

He stated that the federation cannot approve annual operation plan as an opportunity cost, noting that the recommendation I want is for the influential leaders to select board members from this communities to ensure that the influential leaders in the federation are abreast in the federation activities and programs.

“We will be having this kind of meeting biannual with the influential leaders to the ensure that the federation set target is realized, he noted.

Mr. Mendy also seized the opportunity to thanked the influential leaders and parents for their commitment and participation to this forum. He said their presents to this forum is a clear indication of the concern that they have in this federation. He urged them to continue write letters to their children sponsors.

For his part Mr. Lamin Sanneh, the Board chairperson, Ding-Ding Yiriwa federation noted that the influential dialogue meeting and the federation staff is an important component of  the federation growth.

He added: “We are sponsorship entity and our sponsorship is based on the sponsorship we have from America. Meeting with the influential leaders is a very important event, these are leaders you need if you want any development as an entry point”. He also expressed total appreciation with the turnout of the influential leaders to this very important forum. He said this is a platform where they can shares experiences, knowledge’s and discuss issues affecting the Federation, challenges, and carved the way forward  in the best interest of their sponsor children.

Others speakers include Buba Jammeh representative from Child fund The Gambia who dilated on wide ranges of concern all gear towards helping the federation  to move forward.

At the end of the dialogue many concern were raise and were noted by the Management board of Ding-Ding Yiriwa Federation  for redress in the future.