Ding-Ding Bantaba trains Committees on Sponsorship Relation responsibilities

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ding-Ding Yiriwa Federation; a local partner of ChildFund The Gambia has recently trained over 50 sponsor relations committee members on their roles and responsibilities in strengthening the sponsorship programs of the Federation held in Sanyang, Kombo South.

The Federation’s officials said the training will allow and strengthen the sponsorship capacity of both, the enrolled and sponsored families mandated with the enrolment ethics and other sponsorship relation functions of their programs.

Federation manager Alieu Mendy said building the capacities and sensitizing sponsor relation committees of various clusters in knowing their roles and functions in the sponsorship relations will no doubt strengthen and build a more supporting trend for increased enrolment level of the Federation and ChildFund in particular.

He said sponsor relation committees and parents of the enrolled families should be active in responding to the sponsorship improvement programs of their children, which can play a very pivotal role in advancing sponsorship welfare to their own families. “What made me more convincing and happy is the amount of activeness and participation parents of the enrolled children have in the  improvement of  the  federation’s sponsor relations.  it is your sole duty as sponsor relation committees in keeping the sponsorship welfare of your children,” he added..

Kebba Bojang, a sponsor relation officer at ChildFund national office said the importance of sponsor relation committees is of various clusters in improving the sponsorship tendency and the federation cannot be over emphasized. “As sponsor relations committees of your various clusters, my work as a sponsor relation officer at the national office has been fruitful and this is mainly because of your active role and responsibilities taken as committees in maintaining the sponsorship welfare of your own families and the Federation.”

Yusupha Jassey, chairperson of Sanyang site committee thanked the Federation for conducting the relation training. He said cluster committee members have the responsibility and mandate to select any child into the sponsorship program of the Federation.

He maintained that there are lots of other important functions and duties of the sponsor relation committees in keeping alive the welfare of the Federation’s sponsorship agenda, saying that, if the committees are regularly trained on their duties and functions, certain sponsorship difficulties would not be happening. “It is important that we take the training seriously as the sponsor relation committees because whatever knowledge or information you receive from this training the same knowledge is going to be utilize for the enrolment of children into the sponsorship program.”

Source: Yusupha Jobe