Dilapidated Bush Town-Bansang ferry worries students, others

Friday, February 01, 2019

Students and other people who use the Bush Town-Bansang Ferry Crossing Point in Central River Region (CRR) on daily basis say they are worried about the dilapidated condition of the more than 30 year-old ferry, saying it takes them more than an hour, pulling the hard cable to cross from one point to the other.

Students in Bush Town told our correspondent that the ferry’s recent condition has been responsible for their lateness to school because it takes them almost an hour to cross to Bansang.

They said the ferry is very heavy when pulling it with the cable and that is why it takes them an hour or more before they can reach Bansang. “We are appealing to the government, The Gambia Ports Authority and the Ministry of  Basic and Secondary Education  to help us and ease our daily transportation to school by providing a new ferry or provide  a new  boat to ease our difficulty in reaching at school on time,” one of the students told our correspondent.

Drivers have also expressed frustration about the condition of the ferry, saying it is now compelling them to go up to Jangjanbureh to cross to the northern bank of the region which, they said is causing them a lot on fuel.

Some of the business men and women who cross from Bush Town to Bansang on daily basis said they are appealing to the government to hear out their worry and provide a new ferry at the crossing point.

Bakawsu Konateh, head master at Barajali Lower Basic School and Gambia Teachers Union Cluster 8 secretary in the region, said it is high time for government to intervene and solve the ferry problem, saying it is not only students, drivers and businessmen who are affected but also patients who are referred to Bansang hospital especially pregnant women.

Mr. Konateh urged the government and concerned citizens to come to their assistance.

Our correspondent recently visited the ferry crossing point and can confirm that the condition of the ferry is critical, with big holes from which water passes into the ferry and makes it very heavy to pull.

Author: Ousman Jallow, CRR