‘Dictatorship rule should be lesson for all Gambians’

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Gambian-Finland based politician has warned that the 22 years dictatorship rule by former President Yahya Jammeh should be a big lesson for all Gambians, despite our political, religious and ethnic differences.

Kebba Sabally, a native of Mandor village, Central Badibou now resident of Farato village in Kombo South District, was speaking in an exclusive with this medium at his Farato residence.

Sabally move to Finland since 1989, where he started his political career in Finland, contesting thrice through the Social Democratic Party (SDP) ticket for the councillorship position but he never won.

Despite his lost, he became a member of the Social and Immigrant Boards thanks to the votes he got during the said councillorship elections, thus giving him the opportunity to serve at the above mentioned boards as enshrined in the Finnish constitution.

He called on political leaders in the country to shun remarks that will ignite hatred and political disunity, further calling political leaders to use a sense of maturity when selling their party manifestoes to their different supporters.

He observed that political party leaders are now trying to bring disunity among Gambians because of the fear they have against the main party- United Democratic Party.

He called on all political leaders and their sympathizers in the country shun all kind of violence among Gambians and work towards the development of this great nation.

He acknowledged that Gambians are Allah fearing people and this was why the former president did not succeed in brainwashing the minds of citizens during the political impasse.

Thus, he called on all Gambians to cherish the good name ‘we have under President Adama Barrow’s leadership by not allowing our political leaders and others to put difference among us’ just for cheap popularity. 

Author: Sheriff Janko
Source: Picture:Kebba Sabally