Deyda’s killers must be indicted for justice to be served

Friday, December 15, 2017

Pap Saine, the co-publisher of The Point Newspaper has called on the government of The Gambia to speed up the investigations and work with partners to ensuring that those who are responsible for the assassination of journalist Deyda Hydara are brought to justice.

Mr. Hydara was killed on the 16th of December 2004 while returning from work with his staff. Today marks 13 years since he was slain. However, his assassins are believed to be in the neighbouring countries, with people calling for them to be brought to justice.

“As far as it has come clearly to us that Deyda Hydara’s killers are within the sub-region, I think the police should speed up their investigation and work with the Interpol of the neighboring countries in ensuring that his killers are brought to justice,” he said in emotion.

“He was gunned down in cold blood for contributing in meeting the needs and aspiration of the Gambian people and humanity at large, through the discharge of his professional duty as a journalist.”

Mr. Saine who was speaking to this reporter in an exclusive interview described the killing of his former colleague and childhood friend as ‘barbaric act.’

“We will continue to remember him,” he said. “He was a close friend to me and we did everything together. We also started working at Radio Syd in 1970 of which in 1982 we have a paper call the Senegambia Sun together with the late Babucarr Gaye up to 1985,” he narrated.

Pap Saine attributed Mr. Hydara’s death to his stance toward press freedom in the country and defending the voiceless. “I think the authorities should do everything possible to bring the culprits to book. The government announced that Hydara’s killers where Ex-Lt. Colonel Kawsu Camara alias Bombardier, who was the former commander at Kanilai Camp and Major Sanna Manjang of the State Guard,” he stated.

The government, he went on, has issued a warrant to arrest for the suspects who are believed to be harbouring in the neighboring countries. He urged they should do everything within their limits with the help of their counterpart securities to arrest these people and bring to justice.

He seized the opportunities and calls on the government of The Gambia to repeal all the draconian media laws in the country. “The laws still now exist and this will hamper our performance in executing our function effectively”.

“We will continue to pray for him. However, I am doing everything possible to fill the vacuum of his legacy in making sure that we revise ‘The Good Morning Mr. President’ – a column that he used to advice the president with regard to the day-to-day running of the country. Although he dies but I tried to ensure that the paper is coming out daily and is up running,” he stated.

“We the media chiefs are appealing to the neighbouring countries to help us arrest the killers in order for them to be brought to justice,” he said. “On behalf of the management of the point and Deyda Hydara family we also appeal to the international community to help us arrest the suspects.”

“As tomorrow mark 26th anniversary of The Point, we thank the Almighty Allah for the achievements we rendered. I would also like to thank our esteem readers, advertisers for the support. Therefore, I commend my able dedicated staff for their commitment and dedication to work especially in promoting press freedom in the country.”

Author: Momodou Jawo